Partnership with StarkWare

We are collaborating with StarkWare on the EVM adapter, an open-source verification adapter on Ethereum, currently tailored for Cairo bootloader proofs. At its core, it transforms a proof generated by the Stone Prover into a format that can be verified on Ethereum.

The Cairo bootloader program serves as an prime example of the flexibility and usability for Layer 2 scaling offered by StarkWare technology. StarkNet utilizes this bootloader program to execute and batch-verify transactions from various Cairo programs, thereby elegantly achieving scalability without necessitating architectural changes.

Furthermore, the capabilities of the Cairo bootloader program underscore the potential of StarkWare, especially with the involvements from the open-source community.

Our partnership with StarkWare aims to accelerate its adoption. There is a brief in the StarkWare update on the role of the EVM Adapter within its ecosystem.

For more detailed technical insights on how the EVM adapter works, please check out our Stark Book.