zkBitcoin: Use Zero-Knowledge Applications (zkapps) on Bitcoin
written by David Wong on


In collaboration with Σ0, we released a new primitive called zkBitcoin, which allows for the creation of zero-knowledge applications (zkapps) on Bitcoin via a minimal layer 2 protocol that uses Bitcoin as data availability layer and a committee of participants to perform threshold signatures.

This is a significant milestone for the Bitcoin ecosystem as it augments the capability of the Bitcoin scripting language allowing for larger and more complex application. In addition, it unlocks privacy-preserving applications for Bitcoin.

We’re currently running on testnet, and you can try it out by downloading the CLI on sigma0-xyz/zkbitcoin.

You can read the whitepaper here, which describes the two types of zkapps that can be created, stateless and stateful, while providing more details about the protocol overall:


If you like videos, you can watch:

We’re excited to see what people will build on top of zkBitcoin. If you’re interested in running a node for the network, or interested in using the protocol for your own application or L2, shoot us a message!